Industry Leader Lucas Piña launches 360º Worldwide Entertainment To Offer Unique Experiences In Film, Television, Music And Sports On A Global Scale

Mr. Piña was responsible for the sale of over 4 million tickets in the last few years popularizing important conceptual brands of live events in the United States

Miami, March  9, 2020.- Today marks the official launch of 360º Worldwide Entertainment (360ºWE), a new entertainment industry company founded by Mr. Lucas Piña, a 25-year veteran in the industry.

360º Worldwide Entertainment is an innovative company that creates unique experiences via exclusive content for film and television, concerts, festival productions, sporting events, and one of a kind science fiction shows. At 360ºWE imagination comes to life in providing the best live entertainment to audiences.

Mr. Lucas Piña  created and managed the entire entertainment unit of Spanish Broadcasting System for the past 12 years. He has a proven track record in show business, creating a total of 21 brands that today generates millions of dollars with mega concerts like Calibash, Mega Bash, MiamiBash, and others, positioning them as the largest Latin concert production company in the United States, selling over 4 million tickets. These events gave rise to a new way of consuming Latin music in the United States in which for the first time, urban music was presented in the largest arenas and stadiums, with a strong roster comprised of the biggest names in Latin Music, all backed by a powerful marketing team led by Lucas Piña.

With the beginning of this new decade, the founder and President of 360º Worldwide EntertainmentMr. Piña states: “We are currently immersed in a new global distribution network where content is recycled, becoming very repetitive. As a result, audiences are mutating in search of new experiences with different content that can satisfy the expectations of today’s technology age¨.
360º Worldwide Entertainment has three platforms that interact with each other, creating a strategy that can develop self-sustaining content for today’s world with unique experiences. Everything starts within the creative department then moves on into the multimedia production and then ends in the design and production for final execution and presentation at the events and concerts.

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