For the first time Colombian artists Maréh and Duina del Mar will share stage in Miami for the launch of “Cristal”
‘’Cristal’’ is the result of magic and the artistic connection of these two “caleños” that grew in the midst of nature and art.
Miami, March 11, 2020.- Olé Communication.- When the connection between two artists happen, magical songs like “Crystal” come to live. Mareh and Duina del Mar will present their new single this coming Thursday, March 12 at the Gibson Showroom in a very special concert for media and the music industry. The song will be available on digital platforms Friday, March 13.
Both artists, originally from Cali, forged a beautiful friendship in “the land of all colors”, better known as Colegio Ideas, where they shared their deep love for life and art, singing and making music throughout the country. Since then, their friendship remains active, and their careers grew by different paths. Cristal came to live while both were independently traveling to Miami to work on their own music.