World Challenge Game
World Challenge Game

World Challenge Game, the innovative video game development company, celebrates its second anniversary with significant achievements. The company, formed by a team of 15 people spread across Spain, the United States, and Latin America, has surpassed all the goals set at the beginning of its journey: they launched the first edition of a board game, which is available for sale on their website in English and Spanish; launched the $WORLD token, executed a listing; and developed a trial version of the video game that has been a great success.

In just one week, the Challengers who participated played a total of 1,487 matches using 229 unique NFTs. The dedication of the players has been impressive, accumulating a total playtime of 28 hours and 47 minutes. Thanks to their effort and skill, they have been able to distribute 592.34 tokens among the winners.

Since its launch two years ago, World Challenge Game has seen impressive growth, multiplying its user base. The platform has been acclaimed for its ability to combine education, fun, and an immersive user experience, making it one of the entertainment companies that offer a 360 experience. Also very important in these years are the collaborations that have been made both with web 3 companies and with traditional educational companies that join in their commitment to the technological future to the web 3 trend such as the Polytechnic University of Valencia, the European University, and the ESIC Business School.

“We are excited to celebrate this second anniversary with our global community of players and with our team, who has worked tirelessly to make World Challenge Game a resounding success,” said Bogdan Tapu, CEO of World Challenge Game. “Reaching and surpassing our initial goals is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and creativity of our team, as well as the passion and enthusiasm of our players.”

With an eye on the future, World Challenge Game plans to continue its expansion and enhance its gaming offerings, starting with a version of World Challenge Game ASIA. The company has announced plans to introduce new features based on user feedback, and the very soon sale of NFTs through its website, as well as expanding its reach into new global markets.

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