Monaco businessman Nicolas Delrieu and his family expressed their affection for the Haitian country by giving away an original work by Romero Britto to Ex-President of Haiti Michel Martelly.

On Friday, both families attended a tour of The Britto Palace in Miami for the unveiling of the gift entitled “Bless Haiti” Commissioned especially for Martelly, in the pink colors of his political party.

“Art is the best representative of a country’s culture, and through this work we want to show Michel Martelly our support for his country and re-election,” said Nicolás Delrieu, along with his daughters, are creating a charitable Foundation that will help children in Haiti and the Dominican Republic to promote art as a method of development.

During their visit, the Delrieu family and the Martelly family shared their vision of art and enjoyed the colorful body of work by Romero Britto, who personally guided them through all the gallery.